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Travel with FoodPath on a Delicious Journey

“FoodPath takes you on a delightful gastronomic sojourn with their special take on traditional Indian food. The highly trained executive chefs at FoodPath have discerned the path to the foodlover’s heart through the palate.

FoodPath’s eateries are short on frills and big on thrills to give you an experience that is always sure to delight! Serving up steaming food with aromas that tingle your nostrils, taste that satiates the taste buds, and an experience that warms the heart, FoodPath offers the finesse of expert chefs with the warmth of home food.”

When Your Heart is in Love……..with Food

Come with us on a journey of taste where you can relish the essence of an authentic hand-picked menu containing Indian snacks and light-eats which have been adapted to suit the palate of the most discerning eaters.

Taste the Flavor of a Culinary Adventure

Taste the Flavor

Taste, tradition and food trails. Everyone has a story. Our tale of success has been riding on a carousel of food, hospitality and quality. We are a group of individuals whose passions, desires and talents have been revolving around the hospitality industry and the goal to take palates on a journey of flavours.

tasty and crunchy


Just like our body needs food & energy to work, similarly, our mind and soul also need the energy to stay stable & healthy…a healthy outside starts from the inside.

Few of our delights

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